On the Technology page, learn about how technology plays an important role in the success of Forge and the trades team pros.

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Transforming the trades with technology

Our tech team is solving the challenges our pros face daily through cutting-edge technology.

Technology has changed the way we all live and work, and no company is more committed to leveraging its benefits than we are. We are redefining the trades industry as we’ve come to know it.

What we’re
using today

Forge Service Hub

Whether they’re in the field or the back office, everyone at Forge relies on our Service Hub, proprietary scheduling and dispatching software that ensures our service team runs as efficiently as possible. The Service Hub feeds our pro and back office teams every bit of pertinent job data to keep us all informed and on the same page, and that data is the foundation upon which we’re building a future of industry-transforming technology.
Illustration of a person working on a laptop, sending a message
Illustration of a floating pathway
Illustration of a person looking at information on their phone

Skill Development & Field Support

Skill development and career growth are paramount to building the next-generation trades workforce. We’re building new tools that will help trades workers master new skills with continuous education, maximize their career path towards a six-figure income, and support them in the field to work safely and efficiently.
Photo of two pros hanging a photo using augmented reality technology

What we’re working on for tomorrow

As anyone whose laptop operating system is overdue for an update knows, the tech landscape is constantly evolving, and we’re excited to experiment with new concepts and capabilities as we continue to reinvent the trades industry.
Illustration of a pro measuring a window with a laptop

Digital measurement

We’re exploring how digital measurement tools can be used for more accurate and precise measuring.
Illustration of a pro scanning a window frame with their phone

Assisted reality

We’re experimenting with assisted reality tools for quality assessments and remote assistance.
Illustration of two autonomous drones scanning a room

And more...

As technology continues to reshape the trades, pros at Forge will be at the very forefront. And while it’s hard to say where coming innovations will take us, we’re certain about one thing: getting there will be amazing.

Interested in helping us build the technology of tomorrow?

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