On the Experienced Pros page, get to know what a career at Forge looks like for experienced pros in the trades across our dedicated service lines.

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Bring your experience and skills to Forge

Ready for your next chapter?

Like a lot of trades professionals, maybe you’ve reached a point in your career where you find yourself spending more time running your business and less time practicing your craft. Or maybe you’re looking for more stability and guaranteed hours. Or maybe you’re looking for a clear path to career growth.

Whatever you’re looking for – Forge might be the answer. We’re looking for trades professionals who are ready to take their careers and their already-considerable skills to the next level.
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Is Forge right for you?

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Teach and mentor the next generation

Most importantly, a Forge pro has to be willing to teach and mentor the next-generation trades worker. Passing on what you’ve learned is one of our core values.
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Use cutting-edge technology

A Forge pro has to either be comfortable using digital technology or open to learning. Tech is an essential part of the day-to-day here.
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Be part of a diverse team

If you join us, you’ll be part of a team that’s very proud of its diversity. As we build the trades workforce of tomorrow, we will continue to celebrate our differences and welcome all kinds of people who believe in our mission.
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Supervisor - Carpentry
As Forge’s first pro, Cesar has been here since the very beginning. For almost 20 years, Cesar has been working as a carpenter, specializing in renovations and finished carpentry. He was looking for the next step in his career when he found Forge — a new kind of construction company where he can continue to grow and develop as a carpenter.
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I’ve been doing this for more than 17 years.... I learned through doing, making mistakes, and hearing feedback. I honed a lot of skills over those years, and now, I try to teach others. You have to take pride in your work to get a good end result.




Field Supervisor
For 18 years, Dave was self-employed, running his own residential carpentry business. He never liked the business aspects of being a business owner, as it took time away from focusing on his craft. Dave always wanted to work for a construction company, and Forge was the perfect fit. Now Dave not only spends more time working with his hands, he also gets to teach and train the next generation, one of his favorite parts of his job today.
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I love passing on my knowledge to the next generation.




Crew Lead - Carpentry
After doing everything from masonry to facilities management for various companies, Josh realized what was missing in his career: the opportunity to focus on the kind of work he loves while sharpening his skills and teaching them to others — which is exactly what he found at Forge.
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As someone who has been in a lot of construction companies, Forge is the most unique construction company I’ve ever been in.




Supervisor - Electrical
Peter owned and operated his own electrical business for almost 20 years. As it grew, he had to devote more and more time to administrative chores. He drifted away from his craft until he finally knew it was time for a change. He joined the Forge team so he could have stability and spend 100% of his time doing what he loves: working with his hands.
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I bring my best self to every job that I do, big or small, and I believe that makes all the difference. I take a lot of pride in paying attention to the little details and providing the best quality of work possible.

Here’s what some current pro team members have to say

Our benefits

At Forge, you'll get:
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Competitive pay for a minimum of 32 hours guaranteed per week
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Overtime eligibility
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Medical and dental insurance
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401(k) plus employer match
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Potential equity option grants and bonuses
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A referral bonus program
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Paid time off and paid company holidays
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An employee discount and credit on Forge services
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Safety training and other certifications

Growing at Forge

The most satisfying careers are the ones that expose you to new experiences and roles. At Forge, you’ll find ample opportunities for growth.

Become a leader

We encourage all of our experienced trades workers to grow into crew leads and eventually, supervisors of multiple crews. Teaching the next generation is an essential responsibility of our pro team.

Get involved with the apprentice program

Our apprentice program is the foundation of everything we do at Forge. We regularly rotate seasoned pro team members out of the field and into our workshop to provide hands-on teaching and training to our apprentice classes. If you’re passionate about passing on what you’ve learned to the trades workers of tomorrow, we encourage you to apply to Forge and get involved with our apprentice program.
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Ready to join us on our mission to build and power the next-generation trades worker?

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