On the Careers page, understand the core benefits, values and opportunities available at Forge, including open roles for hire.

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Of all the things you’ll build, none will be more satisfying than your career

Tons of flexibility. Smart, enthusiastic, fun coworkers. Sky’s-the-limit growth potential. And everyone working toward a common and important goal.

If you’re looking for a job like that, then Forge is looking for you.

We live by four

Always add value

We strive to leave everything and everyone better than we found them.

Build together

Our team motivates us to do our best work.

Solve the problems

Whatever the challenge, we take it on with patience and resolve.

Teach and learn

Everyone here has something to share and something to learn.
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Diversity and inclusion

We’re diverse and inclusive because we’re building the trades workforce of tomorrow, not recreating yesterday’s — in fact, on average, 29% of our apprentice class enrollees identify as female, transgender or non-binary, and 71% have zero trades experience.

So, if people like you have been underrepresented in the industry, you’ll find a great big welcome mat outside our door. We invite you to step over it and into Forge.
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I chose Forge because of the company’s commitment toward the future of the construction industry.
Crew Lead
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I chose Forge because of their progressive approach to tradespeople - it’s both refreshing and exciting.
Apprentice Carpenter
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The learning culture is really cool. There are opportunities to learn things all the time.
Junior Crew Lead
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Most other trade schools are set in stone… They have an idea of who they want in their trades school. [Forge doesn’t] do that. We just look at a person and say, ‘You want to be in the trades? You want to learn? Come along.’ It doesn’t matter who you are.
Crew Lead, Carpentry

How working at Forge works

Employees who work in our Newton, Massachusetts office have a hybrid schedule, working both at home and in the office each week.

Our pro team and apprentices — everyone who works out in the field, in other words — do not have the option of working from home due to the nature of their jobs. You can’t hang a door remotely. (Yet!)
Illustration of a person working on a laptop, and a pro hammering a nail
We currently go out on jobs in Greater Boston and surrounding towns.
Everyone on our pro team may be asked to drive to job sites in the shaded area:

Our benefits

We offer a competitive benefits package that includes:
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A competitive salary
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401(k) with employer match
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Health and dental insurance
Paid time off icon
Paid time off and paid company holidays
Balanced scales icon
Great work/life balance
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A positive and supportive culture
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A collaborative, team-oriented workplace
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Equity options and grant bonuses
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A referral bonus program

We’re growing — so we’re hiring!

Take a look at our current openings. If you see one that interests you, we encourage you to apply! And if you have a question about our apprentice program or any of the jobs below, just reach out to us at careers@forgeco.com.